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Build: #164 was successful Changes by Paul Lamb <> and Matt Taylor

Code commits


  • Matt Taylor

    Matt Taylor 333290c32403ce11e7117f826a6348c3a8e6c125

    Merge pull request #1440 from paulscode/arm64_fix
    Fix build error on arm64 Linux

  • Paul Lamb <>

    Paul Lamb <> 33153609e49a206f5bbb48eb470e69609833f36f

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into arm64_fix

  • Paul Lamb <>

    Paul Lamb <> f9d7ab14d5f81327157eba1a100f423f3c44ea0f m

    Do not set NTA_ASM when processor is aarch64

    • src/CMakeLists.txt (version f9d7ab14d5f81327157eba1a100f423f3c44ea0f)
  • Paul Lamb <>

    Paul Lamb <> 8a86643e219abffbac146e4f6b49783326a7db39 m

    Fix build error on arm64 Linux

    • src/nupic/math/ArrayAlgo.hpp (version 8a86643e219abffbac146e4f6b49783326a7db39)