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Marcus Lewis &lt;; Marcus Lewis <> 4748c9d80d1d7dbe76748ab62569767c4cf69837 4748c9d80d1d7dbe76748ab62569767c4cf69837 Merge pull request #1327 from mrcslws/connections-is-a-data-structure
Move segment/synapse cleanup out of Connections
Marcus Lewis &lt;; Marcus Lewis <> 8d308931a06a5b48a45aa855d8a3394b274fdc98 m 8d308931a06a5b48a45aa855d8a3394b274fdc98 3 tweaks
Marcus Lewis &lt;; Marcus Lewis <> 171d291bf60bd66d2154967af6c1b885a7a8d02b m 171d291bf60bd66d2154967af6c1b885a7a8d02b Change TM serialization to use various segment value pairs
This provides proper serialization support for the TM's segment
Marcus Lewis &lt;; Marcus Lewis <> f1bcbb44667f6f8aa4bad7e480be481443af3364 m f1bcbb44667f6f8aa4bad7e480be481443af3364 Move synapse cleanup from Connections to TM
In the process, I fixed the bug where we were deleting one synapse at
a time rather than deleting them in batches. The previous approach
could repeatedly create and destroy the same single synapse.
Marcus Lewis &lt;; Marcus Lewis <> 26ea0b79e6bf782c307aeb8c41079721f1398dad m 26ea0b79e6bf782c307aeb8c41079721f1398dad Move segment cleanup from Connections to TM
That should be handled by algorithm code, not data structure code.